Cashflow Planning

When you hear the phrase “cashflow planning”, a common misconception is of big business planning for the next few years. However, cashflow planning is an extremely useful tool for people wanting to plan and ensure they meet their financial goals over the coming years.


At First Service Financial we often come across the following questions:

  • When can I afford to retire?
  • Am I on track to reach my investment goals?
  • If I suddenly died or lost my job what effect would this have on my family?
  • What growth should I expect from my investments to meet my goals?
  • Can I justify spending extra money on large future expense like home improvement, a new car or holidays?

Without cashflow planning it can be very hard to give you a good answer, so we use specially designed tools that allow us to offer constructive advice and answers to the questions above. They look at your present and anticipated future income, objectives and current assets and compare these to your expenses, both current and projected. This can provide a clear picture of what your possible financial situation will look like and the tools to make changes to ensure you meet your financial goals. Please see the video below for more information on how Cashflow Forecasting can benefit you. 

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Let’s build your financial plan…

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